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Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

A fresh start in your life

with Dr. Omar Fonseca

Did you know that obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension, hormonal, psychological and fertility issues?

Bariatric surgery has helped thousands of patients with different conditions to recover their health and lifestyle.

Safe, minimally invasive procedures backed by thousands of successful surgeries.

Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

We will be there for you at all times, we care about your long-term well-being.

Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

Our multidisciplinary team will provide you with psychological and nutritional support to meet your goals.

Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

Bariatric surgery is minimally invasive and you will have the experience of Dr. Omar who has been doing it for more than 15 years.

Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

What makes Dr. Omar Fonseca the best surgeon for me?

  • Graduated with his training in a European center of excellence with more than 15 years of experience and thousands of patients operated around the world.
  • Author of several books in Mexico and abroad on obesity and surgery for obesity
  • Casuistic belongs to one of the largest in the world with the gastric bypass of an anastomosis and the largest at the Latin American level with that technique.
  • Pioneer in America with the gastric bypass of a single anastomosis.

It is an honor for me to devote myself to the art of healing and I appreciate your interest in my work.

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Home : Dr. Omar Fonseca

Satisfied customers


It was on Dec 16, 2019 that my life took the best turn, I went into surgery weighing 112 kg and I am currently weighing 56 kg and I will be 3 years of having made the best decision of life, for my health and my joints, thank God I had the opportunity and I feel very fortunate, the process of change is not easy but when I started to see the results and I felt healthier and healthier every day I look back and I can say it was the best life decision I could have made, if you are thinking of having a bariatric surgery do not hesitate to go with the best Dr. Omar Fonseca, thank you Dr. Omar Fonseca, thank you Dr. Fonseca. Omar Fonseca, thank you doctor for changing my life I AM VERY HAPPY and I want to share it.


Before the surgery my life was a disaster in terms of physical and mental health, because I weighed 149 kilos, doc Omar performed the gastric sleeve and I went in for the bypass but it was not possible because of something that was complicated, I got to weigh 86 kilos but with the weight training that I am doing in this change now I weigh 100 kilos but I want to go down to 95 max 90, but I can say that my mind, thoughts and my whole life took a big turn now I feel great thanks to the support I have from all my family who always support me and of course the hands and experience of the great doc OMAR FONSECA.

Christian Chong

Hi, I’m Roberto Benítez from Argentina, I’m still in the first module, while I am doing all the studies for the preparation before surgery for the gastric sleeve, when listening to the recommendations that I get in each question that patients leave are great and I’m more confident. I didn't know about this procedure and I want you to know that when I saw the videos on the internet I decided to change my life. I am 49 years old and 145 kg and I am going to change my life. I thank you for the information. I send you a big hug.

Roberto Benitez

In addition to being an excellent doctor, he is an excellent human being, I will be eternally grateful to him for changing my life!! 8 years after my surgery and everything is fine and 70 kg less. The best specialist doctor in this surgery!

Luis Santiago Arias Romero

In the first place, his great human quality and personal attention that provides before, during and after surgery. Things can only go wrong when ignoring the recommendations of the Dr. I encourage you to put yourself in his hands. It will change your life radically.

Adriana Armenta

I cannot complain about getting this surgery and choosing the best doctor for bariatric surgery! If you are thinking of getting this procedure done go with him, he is not like other surgeons who just do the job and leave you to figure it out on your own. He makes sure that if you end up in the ER if have any complications he's willing to speak to your assigned provider no matter if it's in the middle of the night or where you're located. I am grateful for having Dr. Fonseca as my bariatric surgeon

Adriana Rosales

The best decision of my life was having undergone the mini bypass at the hands of Dr. Omar Fonseca, losing 78 kilos and recovering not only physical health but also emotional health, seven years later I am in good health and I have no hesitation in highly recommending surgery with him. The best doctor in the world. Change your life completely, make up your mind.

Erika Beltran

The best decision I could have made, thanks to Dr. Fonseca for this opportunity to a new change of life, I have 3 months of surgery and I feel very well I have lost 22 kilos and the difference between Anyela before surgery is very noticeable to Anyela after surgery. It is a total change in terms of eating habits, work emotional, physical, and above all the support of family, perseverance, discipline, and the recognition of yourself, knowing what you do to improve your health and your quality of life.

Anyela Diaz Oropeza

In the best hands that God could put me, an excellent team. I have 3 1/2 months having gastric bypass surgery and I have been down 30 kg, with a lot of discipline and accompaniment from that excellent bariatric team!

Lorena Monson

Dr. Omar Fonseca is an excellent person, doctor, surgeon, friend, and human being. His service exceeds 5 stars. I couldn't put my health in better hands than his. I felt very protected and cared for by him and his team. Always on the lookout, very attentive in everything with the patient. Thank you very much and God continues to bless you always.

Michelle Serrano

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